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  • About Alpha Painters

    Alpha Painters are professional painting and Decorating service providers, basing our service upon three principles to ensure our reputation and maintain our ongoing great service. These principles are Quality, Professionalism and Workmanship.

    For Alpha Painters, quality means using the best products available in the market for its purpose. Professionalism means having policies, procedures, permits, insurances, certificates, and other qualifications. Combining both quality products and a professional business, is a 5 year warranty on our workmanship. This provides a safeguard for our clients, a real business that you can call any time after the completion of any painting project.

Our Core Values

    • Quality Products

      For Alpha Painters, this means working with the high standards in the current industry and achieving the project objective and budgets within a scheduled timeframe. Professional quality painters are difficult to find, some rumble into your house and disappear after they receive payment.

      Alpha Painters in Sydney avoid making the typical mistakes made by current painters. Policies have been implemented into Alpha painters to provide better service and quality work. We can re-paint to a diverse range of substrates in the market and a wide colour range.

    • Professionalism means Real Business

      At Alpha Painters means that we stay within the current market quotes, and avoid drift away to ridiculous prices used by some other painters, our quotes are real and genuine.

      Some painters today charge excessive amounts of money at low quality jobs. Some are unqualified and some are beginners, when you’re dealing with Alpha painters, you’re in safe hands.

    • Workmanship Guaranteed

      Alpha painters, we perform security checks, certificate verification, experience verification and history check-ups for all employees before employing them.

      Alpha Painters send good painter to your estate, we don’t take risks at customer’s expense. We offer a 5 years of warranty on our workmanship.

    • We follow the following standards

      • General preparations and details; According to AS/NZS 2311:2009
      • Cleaning and Protection; According to AS/NZS 2311:2009
  • Our Painting Services

    • Residential Painting (Interior/Exterior).
    • Commercial and Institutional Painting .
    • Strata Painting.
    • Industrial Painting Services.
    • Heritage Painting.
    • Colour consultation.
    • Areas Serviced
  • Why Alpha painters Sydney

    • Free Quotation with no hidden fee.
    • Competitive prices.
    • We match any supplied quotes.
    • 100% customer satisfaction.
    • 7 years of workmanship guaranteed.
    • We work around your time schedule.
    • Licensed & Insured.
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