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Call your Affordable professional painters for your next project.

Alpha painters service all residential areas in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. When considering a professional local house painter, Call Alpha Painters for the best quote and professional work.

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    Over 10 years experience.
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    Over 300 painting projects.

Alpha painters are residential painting contractors with years of experience and knowledge. We offer our customers with the quality work at affordable prices. Alpha painters get the job done with good standards.

Our residential painting services are flexible in relation to the property, whether it’s a unit, singe storey, duplex, or a studio, Alpha painters has all the equipment to complete any sized residential painting project. We take pride in our line of work and therefore pay great attention to detail in order to address three main areas, quality, affordability and qualification.


Quality for Alpha painters means working with the highest standards in the current industry and achieving the project objective and budgets without delays. Quality house painters in Sydney are difficult to find. Some just rumble into your home and disappear.

Alpha Painters Sydney avoids making the typical mistakes made by current painters. Policies have been implemented into Alpha painters to provide better service and quality work. We can paint a comprehensive range of materials in the market and offer large diverse range colours for those areas.

I am so impressed with Alpha Painters Sydney. They have the most professional, courteous, well groomed, and friendly painters in town. The finished product was well worth the money!

Natalie Cox
Home Owner


Affordability at Alpha painters means that we stay in the market and not drift away to ridiculous prices used by some other painters, our quotes are real and genuine. Some Sydney painters today charge excessive amounts of money at low quality job.

Some are unqualified and some are beginners, when you’re dealing with Alpha painters, you’re in good hands. Other painter take shortcuts to save money, we find this to be disloyal and morally wrong so we choose quality products at affordable appraisals.


Qualifications at Alpha painters for residential houses need to exceed all other areas of work. We perform security checks, certificate verification, experience verification and history check-ups. Alpha painters send the best Sydney painter for our residential painting properties in Sydney. We do not take risks at our customer’s expense.